Fields of Gold




There is something  about cotton fields that make me feel nostalgic. They tend to conjure up thoughts of scenes from “The Colour Purple” or “Their Eyes Were Watching God” .
I love the purity and yet rugged appeal of the pods and the raw cotton and I thought I would incorporate  this lovely little white ensemble  I found with this stunning background.
As we all know I love black but this summer I’ve fallen in love with pastels, nudes and whites. White cotton works perfectly for summer because it keeps  you cool but comes in so many variations  that you can choose what works best for you. I chose to be flirty and whimsical and my look was inspired by outfits little girls wore to Sunday School  in the early 1900’s in the Caribbean … with a slight twist of course !

Photography – Khalil Goodman
Creative Direction – Israel Mapp

White Cotton Bow Detail Top – Pulze Boutique.
White Cotton Circle – Pulze Boutique.
Wine Brogues – Gifted.
Straw Hat – Thrifted.

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