Sea Island Confidential




“There is a season to  sow and a season to reap.”
The problem is sometimes  we are not sure what to sow because we have lost touch with what we want to reap.
Have you ever felt as if all the lines in your life have become blurred ? Are you overwhelmed by too many opinions? Do you long for a sense of clarity but feel like you are walking through clouds? The truth is many of us are feeling these things and it’s not  a nice feeling to be in said place.
So how do we counter act feelings of stagnation so we can flow into our best selves? The truth is I’m not always certain  but I have come up with a couple of tips that I think can be helpful.

Management vs Masking.

Find ways to deal with your woes and be clear on your actual feelings. Most human beings seem to have a habit of surpressing emotions they don’t like, but facing them and learning realistic ways to deal with them helps us to move forward from unwanted emotions. It’s easy to distract yourself because the fact is we live in a world of some pretty appealing distractions but dust swept under a rug doesn’t ever really turn into gold and by that I mean things are what they are and until we deal with them they can’t disappear. Managing means we have more control  and understanding of the situation the fact is that sometimes when we face things we tend to realise they are not as … well… as whatever as they may have seemed.

Play with your Passion.

We get consumed by life …. or what we allow our lives to become. Consequently  we get miserable, hate Mondays, can’t wait for Fridays and  complain that weekends end to quickly. Maybe you just are not happy with what you are doing and while I’m not saying to leave your job and move to Bali I am saying you need to stop and reassess. You see this is not the dress rehearsal or the audition this is your life. What do you want ? No really what do you want from your life? Imagine waking up at 70 still hating Mondays and Fridays etc… what a waste. The sooner you figure out what you actually  want to do the sooner you can begin. If it takes longer than you anticipated be patient … as I said there is a season  for everything.

Live out Loud

Commit to each moment fully. Do what you feel to do to be happy with you and your actions. Be happy with your mistakes because we are aware that they are such great teachers. Be okay with living and the fact that some days you will get it right and some weeks will be miserable but amidst it all still keep on keeping on… which brings me to my final point.

Locomotion in Your Ocean!

Keep on moving forward. .. okay what does that require? Fuel and movement.
The fuel is what you feed yourself what you fill your mind and body with. When you feel like hell start to fill yourself up with positivity and start to focus even harder on where you know you want to and will be. Read books, watch interviews, listen to podcasts call the friend who reminds you of your purpose. Push through the pain to arrive at your purpose. You might be surprised at how quickly clarity might come. Movement in this sense requires steps forward maybe your stride will be long … maybe you’ll run… maybe you’ll  fly … maybe your steps will be short and tiny … slow … either way you’re moving and forward movement matters. Examine whether or not you are holding your own self back or creating a space for locomotion.

That said, for this shoot I took it back to the cotton fields oh Harrow’s Plantation in Barbados which made me think a lot about my purpose and joys … which are heavily based in inspiring and empowering others. I was reminded of the different stages the cotton goes through in order to become luxury sheets or that dress or hat I was wearing that day and I was  reminded that the journey to excellence will require manipulation  and it will not always be easy but in every stage there is beauty to be observed. I hope this helps someone to shake their funk and inspires us all just a little more than we might have been inspired yesterday.

Dress -Metal Boutique
IG – @metalboutique

Hat -Vintage

Flats -Purchased from a Street Vendor in the city.

Photography -Khalil Goodman
IG – Khalilgoodman

Creative Direction – Israel Mapp.

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