The Compassion Concept


I’m sensitive, I’m  intense and not everyone’s cup of tea …. but then who is? I was recently struck by a quote and perhaps  by life itself.
In the quote, Danielle LaPorte opined  that “Compassion is almost always the solution.” It got my brain ticking and started to open my mind up even more to how often we assume we understand  the intentions of human beings and assume they understand us. But how can we understand  without effective  communication?


The fact is it’s  not always  that easy to communicate  in moments of panic or rage. Embarrassment  does not always inspire rational reactions and something as seemingly sweet as falling in love can be awe inspiring to feel but rather baffling to communicate.



I think it’s safe to say that I agree with this quote for a couple reasons. If we are compassionate  we assume that there is another possibility  based in something we can at least empathise with.
When we show compassion we are less likely to create wrath. Emotions are not these simplistic things we can shut off and sometimes a soft answer is necessary  to create understanding  rather than ensuing a third World War.
Lastly compassion is a form of love and love is a verb  we could all use a little more of. To be compassionate  is to be kind to ourselves and to be kind to others.

Dress –
My face red shoe boots .
And Princess B lipstick which I’ve been really enthralled by recently.

Photography  by the impeccable Khalil Goodman.

Shot on location  at Best of Barbados, Welches, St Thomas, Barbados.

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