Any Time, Any Place.






It’s the start of a new week and by the end of the upcoming 5 days we tend to feel exhausted  and drained but it’s summer and the days and nights are too beautiful to be wasted …. as we can clearly see above. So how  does one stay fab from day to night Monday to Friday?

● Always prep and prime your face before makeup or even if you just wear sunblock. Your skin will look fresher longer and won’t look creasy or over done (providing you aren’t caking on makeup like icing ! I’m kidding but you get me.) I recommend Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser or Ren’s Instant Firming Beauty Shot to keep your face in place.

● Refresh Yo Self!   If you’re  going to be pulling a day to night kind of schedule  taking a shower  isn’t always possible but find a restroom somewhere and get some wet wipes and just revive your freshness!  A quick swipe here and there ain’t gonna kill nobody… in fact it might save a few lives. No but really wet wipes and some deodorant help when your busy beyond belief with no time to shower etc.

● Choose an outfit that can work from day tonight. So what seems corporate in the day can be paired with heels snd a swipe of more glamorous lipstick for an evening or night out. Adding a smaller clutch and removing a jacket and adding a beautiful  necklace can also take you from work to play in minutes.

●Wear Comfy shoes in the day so you can be sexy at night. Corns and bunions aren’t only painful they also aren’t too cute so wear “smart” shoes in the day so you can dawn your sexy stilettos while you’re having fun. (I’m sadly guilty of wearing heels all day and often … don’t judge me )

● There’s nothing like a subtle yet enthralling fragrance that comes alive at night. Spritz just a touch of your night time parfum of choice and you’re just about ready to go.

Simple things can make huge differences and sometimes we don’t need much to take us from the perfect corporate daytime dynamo  to a classy chic  babe for an entertaining night.
Have fun beautiful people!

I wore ….

Salmon Lasercut Dress – Stacey Stewart Lifestyles

Nude Heels – Intermix Boutique

Photography – Khalil Goodman.

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