Comfort Zone Commodities


Amidst my favourite things you will find denim, chunky footwear, nude and richly toned matte lip paints and bodycon knee length dresses.
Consequently, you will also find my ways of coping when I feel less than comfortable. We all have these things that keep us afloat or so we think.
For some it’s  food, for others it’s  retail therapy but whatever you do, you do because it makes you feel less uneasy. I call these coping skills “Comfort Zone Commodities”  and though we feel like we need them I must admit that I don’t always think they are best. Who wants a comfort that’s really just a hindrance?

Essentially, we won’t always be able to have or to do everything we want to to make us feel at ease. In fact most times it is the push out of the comfort  zone that takes us to higher heights. So how do we reach a place of adaptability without loosing ourselves?


●Recognise that change is inevitable even where you never foresaw the opportunity.

●Admit that you won’t  die if you don’t do this certain thing in this certain way. I promise you will live!

●Accept that the changes that you have never experienced  may actually lead you closer to the goals and ‘places’ you have always wanted to experience.

●Break down  for a short moment if it all gets to be a tad much. Regroup and refresh yourself because  rest in its different  manifestations  is crucial to success in anything. ( Try not to break down in the boardroom or the middle of the workplace a bathroom break or the company of a friend tends to blow over better).

● Embrace the fact that change and thus adaptation  must occur in order for us to ever reach our true potential.

It won’t kill you. You will get past your nerves and there is such freedom to be found in stepping out of our comfort zones and finding freedom and perhaps success in the unknown.  Maybe what they say really is true if it doesn’t scare you then you’re not doing something right.


Vintage Denim Rocawear Jacket – Thrifted and Gifted.

Knit Top – Metal Boutique

Drop Waist Tutu – Bespoke.

Boots – Super Styles Shoe Shop.

… and of course Princess B lippy from Exotica!

My guest Photographer  was the amazing Jaryd Niles Morris. Be sure to check him out at :-


My Art Director/Photo Assistant was Ryan Wilfred .

6 thoughts on “Comfort Zone Commodities

  1. Wow, how very stunning you are- that color with your natural color, ahhhhh! Great photos…I watch a lot of mental health you tubers and many of them talk about getting out of your comfort zones- and it’s SO true! Definitely something I have been working on lately..helps a lot.


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