28 Stylish Life Lessons


I recently  turned 28 and took some time to reflect on who I am, where I’m at and naturally  where I  want to be. In fulfilling  my stereotypical late 20’s cycle, I took stock of what I have gathered over the years. Here I present to you 28 Things I Learnt in 28 Years.

1.Say please and thank you.

2. Judge yourself less.

3. Judge others less.

4. Take time to reflect.

5. Value yourself .

6. Be honest with yourself  and others.

7. Know when to hold back.

8. Know when to go all in.

9. Trust yourself.

10. Surround yourself with people who you can learn from.


11. Give back and pay forward.

12. Everybody has something to teach you.

13. …And as such be teachable.

14. Heartbreak will not kill you

15. … but it should build you.

16. Kindness will not always be returned.

17. Love will not always  be shared.

18. Embarrassment  fades with age and maturity.

19. Character should grow with age and maturity  but sometimes we digress … it’s ok.

20. Don’t give up easily but learn to surrender.


21. There’s is nothing wrong with demanding respect … it does not deem you a mean girl it deems you a woman or man of worth.

22. Set goals and demolish them. Be patient some will take a longer time than others.

23. Cherish your family.

24. Put first things first.

25. Never put off for tomorrow  what you can do today,  you never know what tomorrow holds.

26. It’s okay to say “No.”

27. Define yourself. Believe in yourself.

28. This is not the rehearsal  this is real life and if you are not happy do something to change that.


Life isn’t so bad but it’s all in our approach. The biggest lessons I learnt this month are to be teachable  and to surrender and for those I’m truly thankful. What lessons did you learn?  I’d love to hear in the comments.


Photographer – Khalil Goodman.

Denim Jacket – Thrifted

Rehab Pencil Skirt – Metal Boutique

Mickey Mouse Tee – Street Vendor.

Quilted Purse – Intermix Boutique

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