Alicia Hartman – What’s her EyeQ?


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Quirky, chic, maternal, stylish and yet definitely business savvy. Meet Alicia Hartman. She’s created a cult following by curating a space for fashion forward brands such as Dita, Linda Farrow, and Mykita Eyewear just to name a few. She throws some of what might be considered the best sip and shop events in Barbados and most of all she lives life and has fun. This eclectic ingenue is the conservator behind EyeQ Stylist Opticians, a non traditional Optometry boutique located on Barbados’ luxurious West Coast.


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Alicia Tiffany Hartman was born in Guyana and comes from a rather interesting cultural background. Her lineage is just about as colourful and varied as her wardrobe -Dutch, Portuguese, Amerindian and African are just a taste of her flavours. She was raised by strong hard working parents who’s artistic elements and strong work ethic run through her veins. Like many women her grandmother is her reminder to stay grounded while her optometrist aunt and husband and restaurateur Saman Golesorkhi were the main influences and inspiration for her to provide optimal eye care with a difference. Consequently, Saman encouraged Alicia to bring her vision into reality and together they have built businesses with a difference that are proving to stand the test of time. Among those businesses are, Lemongrass Restaurant and Food truck, the latter can be found on the south coast and the former on the west with it’s sister eatery Pepenero ( I recommend the mussels from Pepenero and the Yaki Ramen from Lemongrass) and of course the ever sophisticated EyeQ Stylist Opticians Boutique. Alicia simply couldn’t have imagined herself being a run of the mill optometrist and as such, she sought to create not only a vision, but a reality all her own. She knew it was crucial to offer the best care in a space where she could truly express herself.

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Alicia displays the details of her “Monday” look.

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Fitting my anti glare Tom Forde frames so I’m photo ready. Such a great feature!

Her approach to style is both effortless and eye-catching as she mixes masculine and feminine elements with a natural precision. What do I love most about this fashionistas sense of style? She blends minimal and basic pieces ranging from soft to bold fluid tones and textiles,while throwing in understated statement elements. Alicia never looks over-done, in fact, her look is always balanced and form flattering to her physique. Whether she’s wearing a multi coloured kimono with brogues, a bright shift dress or even a cocoon shaped number with chunky heels, she brings a certain je ne sais quoi to each look and frankly it’s easy to admire her. As attractive as her fashion sense is, a woman isn’t really a woman without some element of substance beyond the surface “stuff” and that’s where her personal mantras come into play.

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Alicia understands that joy and happiness are things built on the inside. Her advice to other women is to remember that we must find joy in ourselves first because outside sources of happiness often deplete themselves quickly. This happily married lady understands the value of marriage and building a solid union, however, what’s even more beautiful is that she also has a deep appreciation for coming to a relationship as an individual and not the half of what should be a whole.

It was rather inspiring to watch her reflect on how much being a mother means to her and admitting that being a style savvy business maven isn’t always as easy as it may appear on the outside. She reminds us gracefully that it’s okay to feel guilty sometimes while we are trying to build the best possible life for our family as well as ourselves, however she is also quick to remind us to get on with it because life is dynamic and it seems Alicia might be even more of a multi task guru than she’s realised.

She and her husband have created a number of enjoyable experiences over the years, not just the boutique,the food truck or restaurants but also, amazing party events and 2  handsome sons. I think it’s safe to say she and her support system might have mastered life just a tad more than they noticed. “ It’s never easy” she says when you want anything out of life that’s worthwhile and if looking in on her life has taught me anything it’s that even if the work is challenging stick with it because diligence makes it worth it. She reminds us that women can have it all and maybe even all at the same time if they just go with the flow.

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This gal has got a whole lot going for her – incredible mother, empowered yet supportive wife, phenomenal business woman and the definition of what a modern lady is really made of – i.e. sugar, spice … and whatever else she decides makes her life fantastic. My fave elements of her personality are her quirky and fun loving nature ( she knows how to get a party started. I assure you she’s got it covered!), her individuality, and her “human-ness”. Sometimes we observe women who seem in some ways like superheroes and we often miss the beauty behind their smile or passion their eyes, seeing Alicia get everything done day to day might allow you to carelessly bypass these qualities in her but I can assure you her vulnerability is probably the most beautiful and ironically strong thing about her. While other women are trying to be perfect she is trying simply to be her and who better to be but ourselves.  In being herself, she has grasped that family is most important, and for her, it comes first period. She has a devout appreciation for the path her parents would have paved for her and she doesn’t forget how hard she or they have worked to get where they are. She doesn’t seem to take things for granted, Alicia fathoms both the value a serious moment and a hearty laugh. The secret to her balance is probably that she is always seeking to be present in the moment so she can consistently give of her best no matter what direction life may tug her in.

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Fun Facts about Alicia

-What’s in her bag?- Her trusty Russian Red Matte Lipstick by M.A.C., iPHONE of course sunglasses, because we ladies must protect our eyes.

-This summer she recommend these top trends – Rose Gold Eyewear, Matte Finished side shields and a round silhouette. If you find all three in one look you might just have nailed it!
-Beauty Must Have’s – Red Lipstick and eyeliner on a good day.

-What’s Next? Designing her own eyewear with West Indian bone structure in mind and don’t we deserve the perfect frame just for us ?!

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Special Thanks Alicia for taking a moment out to share with us and to Christina from Eye Q for capturing some of these shots. Be sure to pop by the boutique I promise you’ll enjoy it!

Check her out on Instagram here and the boutique here.

Check me out on Instagram here.

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