The Magic of Meditation – For Non Hippies & Hippies Alike.

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I began to recognise recently how important simply living in the present is. I found myself consumed with worries about the past and thoughts of not so positive what ifs for the future. Essentially, through my meditation practice I began to realise how much over-thinking truly does not serve us well as human beings. The nature of this mindless practice isn’t healthy for us and it manifests in the psychological as well as the physical.

The question for me became how does one break this practice when, they’ve been an over thinker for just as long as they could  could remember? As a teenager I can recall wanting to sleep but my mind was always so busy that I would end up staying awake, chatting to a friend on the phone or writing as a means to distract or counteract my over-worked mind. The day  I found meditation was the day my life began to change, of course I wasn’t consistent at all and the results weren’t either. Recently, However (the past 2 years) I have been practicing my meditation more often. I have dipped and dabbled between different philosophies of meditation and I am yet to touch some, what this practice has done for me is beautiful and of course I am going to share it with you my lovely readers.

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So without a doubt this has been a season of great change in my life- jobs, relationships, scheduling, habits- so many things have evolved, been done away with or simply changed from what they were before. Loads of change can mean loads of anxiety and I was incredibly anxious as these changes kept happening. I kept asking myself if I was making mistakes? If I was acting out of fear or genuine desire for improvement? If I was being overly emotional or rational… and the list of questions went on and on. Eventually I remembered the value of silence and the fact that we can find our best and deepest, most honest answers when we simply stop and stand still. You may ask how can someone who clearly thinks about all kinds of things way too much master meditation? The answer is practice. So I embarked on practicing more and more. I wasn’t afraid to start small first with 5 minute sessions and now Im up 30 glorious minutes on my better days.

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Within my silence and stillness I began to realise almost effortlessly but over time that a lot of my worries and anxiety were so deeply rooted in either things from my past or things that were yet to occur and in fact, might never occur. I began to take a step back and look more deeply into the value of actively meditating on and letting go of a few things because the fact is I can’t control the future nor can I change the past. I can only really change my perspective and/or perception and thus my attitude towards the task/emotion at hand. Of the things I sought and seek to give up, these are a few:

-Judging myself based on the past.

-Worrying about all I was scared I would not achieve in my future.

-Worrying way too much about what people may think.

-Succumbing to perfectionism (and clearly forgetting that I am human).

In essence I  was always in my head about everything. Though I am yet to master many things. I must admit that I have noticed myself thinking differently and it’s something I’m very thankful for. Though I do feel bad and at times I get disappointed I do not linger on things in the way in which I used to and  I am learning day by day, more and more the importance of trusting one’s journey – something many of us chat about but rarely actively seek to do. At different stages of our lives this tends to mean manifest in different ways and as with everything, some stages are tougher than others.

… And speaking of manifestations I have also learnt a bit more about the power of thought and having some level of control over the mind. You see what we think is what we become, often without even noticing. The beauty of this is that, what we actively think about and meditate on is also what we manifest. The beauty of practicing something is that we get better at it – while I am sure you probably see where I am going with this let me break it down for you.

– Shift your focus! Use your mind for good. Use your thoughts to focus on actively seeking to achieve that which you truly want to manifest. Allow yourself to get in the habit of a process of thought that serves you well and resonates on the positive end of things. Believe in yourself and forgive yourself and others for things of the past, we cannot reverse history so there is little to no sense in latching on to spilt milk. Let go and I repeat let go of negative self talk … you know the type, ” I hate my …”, “Why couldn’t I have more…?”, “I am so silly”, “Nobody will ever want me because …”,” I’ll never be able to get … point.”  If you don’t like something seek to change it and then … actually change it. You actually do possess the power to change your reality and it lies within your mind and your actions which follow. –

We get so hell bent on so many things in life which have no longevity and really don’t do much for us or those around us. So I challenge each of you to do a little bit of “nothing” which ironically, can change everything.

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Click here, here, and if you’re ready for the big fish, here, for a few links which might help as you get started on your personal meditation practice and if you feel like you can do it on your own here are my simple  top 5 tips to start a healthy “Medi-Moment”.

  1. Find a quiet comfortable space where you can be unbothered for the allotted time.
  2. Sit with good posture or lay down in a comfortable position.
  3. Do not beat yourself up as thoughts race through your mind this is natural and it will dissipate over time.
  4. Breathe.
  5. Be open to finding the type of meditation that suits you as an individual. Be unafraid to explore and find your perfect fit. Meditation is like a good pair of jeans … everything ain’t for everybody.


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Special Thanks to MPeople Magazine for featuring me and the blog in their most recent issue be sure to grab yourself  a copy for more of the beautiful images shot by the uber talented Khalil Goodman. Though the shoot was styled by me, InterMIX Boutique was kind enough to supply this look and the ever amazing Tennille Griffith did a stellar job on my face if I may say so humbly. Special thank you’s to all involved. Wishing all my readers  a lovely weekend and here’s to a life full of mindfulness, meditation and miraculous manifestations.

2 thoughts on “The Magic of Meditation – For Non Hippies & Hippies Alike.

  1. Of course I agree with this 100%. I feel like we’re on similar journeys where meditation is concerned. One thing I realized is that it’s for everyone and works within all beliefs. You don’t have to subscribe to one thing to practice and if it’s the only thing you do to maintain balance you can only become better for it. Excited!


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