La Vie Boheme





I have been oddly inspired by Bohemian style so much recently (I say oddly because I was little miss minimalist for quite a bit of this year). Throw in a little Parisian appeal and you have definitely got me. For this editorial I wanted to feel like I was in the middle of the desert somewhere in Arizona just taking in the beauty of it all, but I’m based in Barbados so instead my photographer Khalil Goodman recommended this awesome spot in the North of the island called Little Bay in St Lucy. I’d previously been introduced to this beautiful place after shooting one Sunday and completely forgotten about it but I fell in love with it immediately. It’s one part desert meets a touch of chalky rock, an ounce of grainy sand and a touch of greenery. For me it beats the desert because we are right next to the ocean and for me few things compare to the beauty of being close to the sea. I can’t wait to revisit this sweet spot in Pie Corner St Lucy it’s editorial heaven.



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