10 Simple Steps to Get Over being an Inspiration Junkie and Start Doing More

I recently started vlogging about what might be considered to be ‘morning motivation’ via my Instagram video feed. I can safely say that I’m really enjoying the engagement that comes from it and consequently hearing people’s feedback and views. Ironically, I couldn’t help but to wonder how many of us are more consumed with inspiration and motivation than we are with actual action?

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Step 1

So you’ve got stellar ideas but you’re not great at execution? What do you do next? Start by documenting what you seek to achieve so that you have a mapped outline or guide as to what your direction is. Sometimes trying to decipher great ideas in your head can become pretty cloudy and muddled up. Taking some time to type it out or write it out helps us to reason clearly about what it is we seek to achieve and often it allows us to recognize what else we may need in order to help us achieve what it is that we may need along the way. Chances are you will not figure out every single detail to ‘T’ , however the fact of the matter remains that more often than not, you will figure out a whole lot more than when ideas are just swimming around in you mind. The other benefit of writing things down is that you won’t forget the tiny awesome details of whatever you want to do, that can sometimes slip our mind when we get really busy or life simply gets in way.

Step 2

Create an accountability date that gives you a feasible timeline to achieve your project, goal or desires. Creating a timeline is extremely important to keep you on the right track or at least a track of action rather than distraction. Often we will come up with great ideas and get so busy or distracted that we forget about them. Sometimes months or years will go by and we may have achieved things, but perhaps not the things that we truly wanted to bring into fruition. Frankly it sucks when you look back and recognize that years or months have passed by and that incredible idea you had didn’t happen yet simply because you didn’t make it happen. It has definitely happened to me, where I didn’t have a timeline and at some point something reminds me that I wanted to do some incredible thing but never took the time to map it out and give it a real go and I have to admit it felt pretty disheartening when I noticed that there was nobody to blame but myself, in fact that feeling is actually what made me publish this piece.


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Step 3

Document why you want to do, what you want to do and no matter how tiny the goal seems, write a mission statement as to why you want to do this particular action. Why? Somewhere along the road you are going to run into a moment or moments where you may ask yourself “why the hell am I even bothering to do this?” and end up giving up when a little bit of resilience and that reminder of your why would have, not only kept you going, but also propelled you to another stage of life which opens you up to growth and even more incredible moments. Understanding why you are doing something and actually being able to physically see it makes your tough times easier. When the going gets tough it’s a lot easier to give up and let go of something brilliant simply because you had no clue why you were doing what you were doing it. Giving up is easy when you have no purpose. Create that purpose and stay in alignment with it.

Step 4

Let go of the Temptation of Procrastination because essentially, it stops us from making damn good use of our time. Yeah I know it’s really calming to scroll through IG or Pinterest or Facebook for hours and hours after a tough day of work. I get it, I really do. My job is highly social and while I don’t often feel like having actual conversation I am often quite contented to scroll through social media or Pinterest and take in a plethora of beautiful imagery for way longer than necessary. The fact is you and I both know that that time could be spent in far more productive ways. Yes rest and downtime are crucial but if you know you have things to do and you actually want to achieve them, cut down on the downtime that doesn’t add to the goals you have. If you must be online then find some edifying content that can help you to get closer to where you need to be. Action is not achieved by Procrastination.


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Step 5

Okay Motivation Junkies this step is specifically for you! So by all means please watch my #WakeUpToWisdom posts on weekdays and read my posts and whatever else may inspire you. Listen to podcasts, read books, watch youtube videos and even do courses. Do it because, motivation like baths, wears off and you must keep yourself replenished, so yes do what works for you, but here is the thing, at the end of the day ask yourself this – Is it really working for you? When you read, watch and listen what are you taking away from it all? Are you acting or just getting excited about being inspired and yet not actually doing much of anything? Are you inspired to action or just inspired to dream more. Dreaming is a form of planning they say, and to be blunt the only form of action I’m aware of is actually doing. Inspiration and motivation are fantastic and action and progression are even more fantastic. Don’t be so busy getting inspired that you never get started.

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Step 6

Idealism isn’t a Stop Sign. Allow me to explain – I am an Idealist- I deeply enjoy things being done in a certain way and I believe in a certain standard. It has taken me a long time to recognise that sometimes that same concept of Idealism and the illusion of Perfection are simply crippling and stop me and many people, from ever doing things for the fear that they will not be up to scratch. Perhaps I should say that I am an Idealist in transition, not that I do not value certain ideals, because anyone who knows me knows that I do, however I’ve noticed that sometimes more importantly than getting started perfectly, is getting started at all. Ideals are great and in fact they can often be great goals and at the same time it is very important for us to remember that just because when we started something wasn’t perfect does not mean we cannot continuously work to get things to a higher standard little by little till we reach or ideals and a whole lot more. Ideals can often be a distraction from getting things done. Don’t allow a lack of perfection to stop you from getting started.

Step 7

Be Proactive. There is often a little voice inside of us prompting us to do things within a certain timeline. Reminding us to prep and plan ahead. To save money for future projects and budget for life. Listen to that voice. It may sound airy fairy or slightly radical. The fact is a year ago I would probably have never shared this step and yet here I am sharing because I see the value in it. When something inside reminds you or prompts you to do something that can be a benefit, do it! Half the time when we get started on a journey I am convinced that there is something about the frequency of or actions that resonates and allows things to fall into place to assist in the manifestation of what we are seeking to achieve. It’s not to say that we will not have setbacks or that life will become some perfect thing. It is to say that when we seek to achieve something perhaps, sometimes the universe, or God or whatever you believe in, begins to put things in place for it all to happen. Listen to your ‘gut’ it might be a little ‘wiser’ than you knew.


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Step 8

Maybe Step 8 should have been Step 1. Believe in Yourself. Im about to sound like a cheesy motivational speaker and I’m still going to say it. Believe in you! You are capable. You are enough. The vision inside of you does not exist for no reason and if the vision was given to you, the know how exists within you as well. This does not mean you need to do it all on your own, or that you need to feel the pressure of carrying every single detail on your own. I bet that within your network exist all of the tools you need to make magic happen. I bet that within you is a lot more than you may have noticed as it relates to creating the vision and following it through. I bet that your’e also more resilient and capable than you may think. If the vision exists within us, the capabilities to achieve it exist within and around us too. You may feel that you have the ideas but you don’t know the first plan of action but you do. What we need is often within and around us. So open that mind and believe in yourself and go for it. Im actually glad this was Step 8 by the time you have done Steps 1 through 7 hopefully you’ve noticed how capable you actually are.

Step 9

Comparison. This word has stirred up many emotions among the masses. Some say don’t ever compare others say do it as a measuring stick. Here’s my two cents. Do not compare your “crawling phase” to someone else’s “running phase”. Do, however, compare your last year to this year and figure out if there has been progression or digression. In other words, don’t compare yourself irrationally to others, but do look at how far you have come and figure out what you need to be doing to get closer to you destination or vision. I don’t think comparison is horrible all the time, I must admit, I just don’t think it should be how you measure your value or worth as a human being. It can be a valuable tool in understanding where you are at and where you want to be and also how much you have actually grown. However, making it the be all and all of who you are is a mistake. You are more than a comparison. You are dynamic human being with many unique and individual facets. It’s never going to be as simple as a comparison because we are all so much more than that.


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Step 10

Go get started! life is too short and precious to waste any more time not doing what you have planned or envisioned. Get to it!

Have a beautiful day my darlings!

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