Milk & Honey

Gigi Canes-0045


Gigi Canes-0067


Gigi Canes-0024


Gigi Canes-0130


Gigi Canes-0031


Gigi Canes-0050


Gigi Canes-0071

As a new week unfolds, I wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a beautiful and blessed upcoming week and to share 7 Gems  that I was reminded of over the past few days:


  • Try something new it is going to open up your scope and keep your mind alert.
  • When in doubt ask for help its not as embarrassing as it may seem.
  • Allow more space for constructive criticism and less space for Ego
  • Stand firm in your standard – ” Don’t Be Like the Rest Of Them Darling”
  • Be unapologetically who you are but maintain a humble and compassionate balance you never know what someone else is going through.
  • Don’t give up when something get’s difficult, instead pause and go back to it with fresh eyes and a clearer mind.
  • Less is more.

Special Thanks to Khalil (click here for more) for photographing this story and James (and click here for even more)  for bringing my vision to life.

The Look 

Top – Bespoke ( I designed this little number for a previous performance)

Skirt- Asos

Boots – Cape Robbin

Earrings – Metal Boutique


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